Naked on a Budget

Budgeting, the start line.
with a twist of fun!
A crazy day, running around like chickens without heads, with crazy hours of work, or homaking duties, we await for the pre-plotted afternoon scene that played in our heads all day: GETTING HOME! The anticipation of hearing the glorious sound of silence became the daily goal. As we finally get to this foreseen moment, we drop all the fragile items we have carried around for miles, slowly we take our clothes off until the last piece of garment hits the floor, tilting our heads sharply like flamenco dancers we take a deep breath: this is the exact moment when we finally have a clear view of what heaven is supposed to look like(insert harps sound here), and we simply smile, almost like a guilty pleasure smile..we pick our fancy glass, pour a drink, any drink, to sit back and unwind, and selfishly think: I love this life!!.....what? you have never done this? PLEASE try it... 
Well, that's the feeling of freedom, the freedom I get knowing I have saved, not the day, but some money. Budgeting is the solution! the first step to live with joy, by setting financial goals or life goals, from the smallest to the largest dream, financial freedom feels just like that, like being naked alone.
The blog will be raw, will be simple and fun, all based on my experiencies and the experiencies of people I have met or will meet during this blogging journey.
We are being born everyday, this day will never repeat again.
Saving money without sacrificing the every day lifestyle. Setting goals while loving life is basically everything. I am happy to share this part of me with you.